Learning space architecture Dr. phil. Lars Schlenker, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Rainer Noennig

Planning office Digitale Hoch.Schule

State-of-the-Art Expertise in the Architecture of Hybrid Learning Spaces
The planning office Digitale Hoch.Schule: Integral design of hybrid learning spaces with expertise in media pedagogy, digital media and learning space architecture for sustainable educational environments.

The planning office Digitale Hoch.Schule is a service offered by GWT and is aimed at education and property developers in their responsibility for the construction of learning spaces

The planning office DH.S bundles state-of-the-art expertise from the fields of media education, digital media and learning space architecture as an integral service package - from the didactic conception of new "hybrid" learning spaces and their architectural planning to the media technology equipment and its evaluation in terms of pedagogical effectiveness.

Vocational training centers and universities as places of learning are changing. It was not only with the Corona pandemic that it became clear that physical learning locations must be rethought. In the future, hybrid conditions and digital configurations will be needed for vocational and in-company education and training. The planning office Digitale Hoch.Schule is based on an integrated and transdisciplinary approach to the design of learning environments. This includes physical spaces as well as digital environments and addresses all concerns that are essential for the sustainable functioning of teaching and learning environments.

Learning happens everywhere!

At home, at work, in initial vocational training as well as in the post-qualification of skilled workers. In order to design the appropriate environments as innovative and effective learning settings, sound analyses and empirically based didactic approaches and concepts are needed that go beyond the purely architectural planning perspective and closely align pedagogy and space. Physical teaching and learning spaces can be transformed into diverse and networked learning environments if media-supported offerings and presence formats are integrated just as much as formal and informal learning spaces, and if everyday education is conceived as hybrid from the ground up.

Graphic; Representation of the prjokect course Digital School with different modules

The planning office Digitale Hoch.Schule takes a holistic view of the dimensions of education, space and [digital] media across all phases of the project life cycle and makes learning spaces integrally plannable. With this comprehensive lifetime perspective, building owners (public and private educational institutions, companies, private initiatives, administration) are competently accompanied in their educational construction projects across all service phases.

Planning office Digitale Hoch.Schule MODULE 1 conception and project development

MODULE 1 Conception and project development

Are you designing a new building, redesigning existing structures or upgrading existing buildings?
Do you want to involve all relevant actors and stakeholders early and effectively in the process?

We support you with our process for participatory needs assessment and the co-creative development of integrated planning [guiding] concepts. These capture the concrete needs of the individual stakeholders and bring them together holistically with overarching objectives (e.g. education, sustainability, digitalization).

Our methods and tools:

  • Development of innovative educational technology approaches for hybrid learning on a scientific basis.
  • Needs assessment and identification of planning basics through interviews, online surveys, programming workshops
  • Co-creative development of didactic, spatial and media technology concepts in workshops with physical / digital design tools (VR/AR)
  • Visualization of new didactic concepts in real and virtual space (virtual model, interactive 3D rendering, 3D print, 1:1 mockup)
  • Consulting on funding and innovation programs
  • Sustainability assessment / life cycle perspective

MODULE 2 Project support, implementation and monitoring

Are you carrying out a construction or remodeling project and want to implement forward-looking forms of learning? Are you looking for effective ways to implement spatial design, digital technologies and pedagogical approaches in an integrated, sustainable and economical way?

We support your planning project in the implementation process with our methods for holistic process design and planning support. Through integrated monitoring of current planning statuses and characteristic values, we effectively align your project with higher-level objectives (e.g. education, sustainability, digitalization).

Our methods and tools:

  • Goal- and convergence-oriented process management through agile project development procedures.
  • Tracking of planning progress, identification of (intermediate) results and indicator-based quality assessment
  • Spatial visualization (3D rendering, virtual model, 3D print) and testing of spatial configurations through design prototypes and mockups
Planning office Digitale Hoch.Schule MODULE 2 Project support, implementation and monitoring
Planning office Digitale Hoch.Schule MODULE 3: Sustainable operation and effectiveness

MODULE 3: Sustainable operation and effectiveness

You have successfully implemented a construction project or the redesign of an educational site and want to anchor and perpetuate the innovations thus available in your organization? Are you looking for support in reviewing the measures you have implemented?

We support your project in sustainably anchoring the new spatial environments, digital technologies and pedagogical approaches and reviewing them against the original objectives. We support you in achieving sustainability goals at all levels and work with you to develop sustainable long-term strategies for building operations and management.

Our methods and tools:

  • Media and digitalization concepts
  • Consideration of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Evaluative accompanying research and validation
  • Sustainability and support strategies
  • Personnel and organizational development, including consulting, training, and workshops

Unique characteristics

  • 20 years of experience in designing and implementing digital, hybrid learning spaces
  • Integrative approach by bringing together pedagogy, architecture, economy and digitality
  • Evidence-based planning through the transfer of scientific findings from educational technology and knowledge architecture research
  • Transdisciplinary process support from scientific-empirical findings to spatial planning and support of all involved actors
  • Economically sustainable consideration of digital education spaces through maximum focus on operational aspects
  • Extensive knowledge network through national and international project cooperation and expert contacts

Reference projects

BBS Bamberg II (BMBF-Project LR_D)
Digital teaching-learning space for professional training

FBB Dresden (BMBF-Project LR_D)
Digital teaching-learning space for professional training

CJD Sangerhausen (Christian Youth Village Sangerhausen)
Campus for a support school complex

Cross Cluster Cooperation Saxony
Development and implementation of new creative and innovation formats for Saxon technology clusters

DOmIcILE-VR (ESF-Project)
Digital educational offerings in the real estate industry using virtual reality

SLUB Makerspace
Creative Space for Saxon State, Regional and University Library

TRAILS Traveling Innovation Labs and Services (InterReg Lighthouse Project)
Design and operation of mobile learning laboratories for 3,000 pupils in the German-Polish border region

U_CODE (EU-Project)
Digital, interactive co-design and learning tools for co-creative space design

Creative Quarter in the Port of Hamburg as a Driver for Neighborhood and Urban Development

Innovation Sheds
Microincubators to support innovation processes and startups at the TU Dresden

TU Dresden Flexlab
Flexible disposal building for teaching and research areas TU Dresden

FCCF Fondacion de Capacitas Communida Fernandes (Argentinien)
Professional training center in Fernandes with integrative cultural-didactic formats

Contact person

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please feel free to contact us personally. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Portrait photo of Prof. Dr.-Eng. Jörg Rainer NOENNIG


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Rainer Noennig

Dipl.-Ing. Architecture
Technical University Dresden Knowledge Architecture Lab
HafenCity University Hamburg Digital City Science

Portrait photo of Lars Schlenker


Dr. phil. Lars Schlenker

Dipl.-Ing. Architecture, M.A. Educational Media

Technical University Dresden
Digital learning spaces

Portrait photo of Prof. Dr. Thomas Köhler


Prof. Dr. phil. Thomas Köhler

Dipl-Psych.; Technical University Dresden
Focus on educational technology Project leader

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