Innovation Center Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Wagenführ

Wood and fiber materials technology

The Innovation Center Wood and Fiber Materials Technology conducts research in the field of development and processing of novel materials based on lignocellulose as well as other natural fibers and is thus an important part of research into the extraction, processing and refinement of biological raw materials along the value chain in the sense of a sustainable circular economy and the associated responsible use of the biosphere.
Research work at the Innovation Center focuses on wood-based materials and paper production as well as the entire materials processing chain up to the finished product (furniture, construction elements, papers, packaging and other products of the wood and paper industry and related industries).


Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Wagenführ

Dresden University of Technology
Institute for Natural Products Technology
Professorship for Wood Technology and Fiber Material Technology
DUE26, room 368
Marschnerstraße 39
01307 Dresden

Short Vita

  • 11/2013 Reappointment of the professorship and field of study in "Wood Technology and Fiber Materials Technology" at the Institute of Natural Materials Technology
  • 2002 - 2016 Executive Director / Head of the Institute for Wood and Paper Technology at the TU Dresden
  • 1999 Appointment as C4 university professor for wood and fiber materials technology at the TU Dresden
  • 1994 - 1999 Head of Department Raw Wood at the Institute for Wood Technology Dresden gGmbH
  • 1993 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und stellvertretender Ressortleiter Rohholz am Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden gGmbH
  • 1993 Research associate and deputy head of the raw wood department at the Institute for Wood Technology Dresden gGmbH
  • 1990 - 1992 Industrial activity
  • 1988 - 1990 Research assistant at the WTZ Holz Dresden
  • 1984 - 1988 Research assistant at the TU Dresden
  • 1988 Doctorate in engineering
  • 1980 - 1984 Diploma studies in the field of wood and fiber material technology at the TU Dresden
  • also: Full member of the Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the German Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech)

Research and development

  • Development of new materials
  • Material tempering
  • Materials production technology
  • Material processing technology


  • Development, machining and processing of lightweight wood composites
  • Use of optimized and functionalized wood materials in vehicle construction
  • Use of alternative plant raw and residual materials for sustainable construction
  • Investigations into the design and manufacture of differently structured materials
  • Studies on technological aspects of further processing up to plant and machine construction as well as tool development
  • Investigations into the tempering of existing materials such as native wood for application-related property modification
  • thermal, mechanical, chemical and biological modifications of solid woods, veneers and bamboo to improve their properties for use as construction or interior finishing products, as products of daily life as well as for musical instruments and in the human living environment
  • Development and optimization of wood-based and insulating materials as well as related lignocellulosic materials with a focus on biomaterials with special properties as well as special or novel applications
  • Development of application-related fiber materials based on fibers of renewable raw materials or also based on rock fibers
  • Research into natural fiber-plastic composites that can be formed into finished products and components from granules using established plastics processing techniques
  • Development of new bio-based raw material and residue sources
  • Development of lightweight solutions in the field of natural fiber composites and biocomposites
  • Development of separation and joining, but also handling, processes with the aim of working out new technologies, improving processing quality, increasing energy and resource efficiency, and protecting people and the environment

Reference projects

  • Feasibility study "Paper honeycomb core laminated on one side with paper as a semi-finished product for a vehicle project"
  • Feasibility study of wood chips irradiation for the production of HDF
  • Feasibility study on the innovative utilization of residual wood
  • Study on ultrasonic joining of wood / veneer
  • Feasibility study on the suitability of groundwood pulp board as an oil binder
  • Literature research and feasibility study on the translucency of veneers
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