Innovation Center Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Weber

Fluid-Mechatronic Systems Engineering

The Fluid-Mechatronic Systems Technology Innovation Center does not only research and develop in the field of hydraulic and pneumatic drives, control systems and regulation. Rather, due to the increasingly pronounced networking of fluid, mechanical, electrical and information technology components, we have expanded the spectrum to the field of fluid mechatronics.
Existing key topics such as hydraulic and pneumatic control engineering in stationary and mobile applications, valve actuators and solenoids, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) on pumps and valves, and methods of virtual product development are being continuously advanced and deepened. Topics such as new hybrid drive structures, the safety of fluid-mechatronic functions and aspects of software development are expanding the work done to date.

portait of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Weber


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Weber

Dresden University of Technology
Institute for Mechatronic Mechanical Engineering
Professorship for Fluid-Mechatronic Systems Engineering
Kutzbach Building, Room 110
Helmholtzstraße 7a
01069 Dresden

Short Vita

Professional background:

  • since 2018 also Director of the Institute for Mechatronic Mechanical Engineering
  • since 2010 holder of the professorship for Fluid-Mechatronic Systems Engineering
  • 1997 to 2010 various management positions at the agricultural and construction machinery manufacturer CNH
  • until 1997 work as chief engineer at the former chair of hydraulics and pneumatics at the TU Dresden
  • 1991 Doctorate
  • Mechanical engineering studies at the TU Dresden

Research and development

  • Development and validation of numerical flow models for cavitation calculation and prediction of cavitation erosion.
  • Static and dynamic operating behavior of hydrostatic displacement units, hydrodynamic/static bearings, valves and seals.
  • Investigation of novel drive concepts such as electrohydraulic compact drives.
  • Development of energy-efficient cooling circuits in machine tools
  • Development of suitable drive structures, control and regulation strategies as well as their implementation and testing for mobile machines.
  • Condition monitoring, fault detection and diagnosis
  • Integration of modern communication technologies and control topologies (Industry 4.0)
  • Research into new solutions for the requirements of electromechanical converters in electrohydraulic and electropneumatic valves.
  • Design and dimensioning of magnetic circuits with a view to reduced material usage and installation space with higher efficiency
  • Collaborative partner in the "Building 4.0" project - demonstration and development platform for Industry 4.0 solutions in construction site operations


  • Numerical simulations (flow, magnetic field calculation, system simulation), simulation coupling and experimental analysis
  • Properties and behavior of pressurized fluids
  • Drive concepts, structures and control strategies
  • Development and validation of methods for computer-aided product development
  • Further developments with regard to energy efficiency, thermo-energetic behavior, performance, functionality and robustness... in the fields of physical-technical fundamentals and fluids, hydraulic and pneumatic component and system development for stationary and mobile systems, and valve actuators and solenoids
  • modern hydraulic and pneumatic test field for experimental work
  • anechoic sound measurement room of accuracy class 1 and reverberation room for noise investigations
  • Software and hardware-in-the-loop

Reference projects

  • Modeling and simulation of pressure valves
  • Development and evaluation of novel, functionally integrated hydraulic valve concepts
  • Noise and pulsation measurement on hydrostatic displacement units
  • Calculation and further development of combined hydrostatic-hydrodynamic plain bearings
  • simulation-supported development, assembly and testing of electrohydraulic axes
  • Analysis and modeling of the dirt penetration behavior of wiper seals.
  • Development and investigation of intelligent, decentralized drive configurations.
  • Carrying out technology studies in the field of hydraulic drive technology
  • Condition monitoring for hydraulic accumulators
  • Development and evaluation of energy-efficient drive structures for hydraulics and pneumatics
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