Onboarding Campus India

GWT took the IEEE 6G Summit as an opportunity to present the Onboarding Campus India for the first time in an industrial environment.

The IEEE 6G Summit 2024 took place in Dresden from 13 to 14 May. The 6th generation of the mobile communications standard provides new applications for cyber-physical systems in Industry 4.0, for automated driving, for use in the new eco-system of individual air transport and precision agriculture, among other things.

This was precisely the topic of the IEEE 6G Summit. In addition to insightful presentations by global experts and forward-looking industry leaders, the event also featured an exhibition with unique demonstrations.

GWT presented itself for the first time with the new Onboarding Campus India project - an initiative that allows companies to specifically support Indian students with scholarships and thus secure the next generation of skilled workers in the medium term. The discussions held will now be used to tailor the programme specifically to the needs of scholarship providers and scholarship recipients.

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