Contract Management

Individual consulting for legally compliant transfer projects

Individual advice and customized solutions for legally compliant transfer projects

We offer customized solutions and personal advice in the transfer of research results in cooperation with experts from academia on the topics of labor law, civil law, compliance and data protection conformity to protect your interests and minimize legal risks in contract research.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Expertise in compliance and conformity in all relevant legal areas of cutting-edge research.
  • Ensuring that business processes comply with applicable legal requirements.
  • Effective solutions for risk minimization and liability limitation based on many years of experience in dealing with legal challenges in business-related research.
  • Exclusion of liability for scientific experts within the framework of the transfer project, as the GWT assumes liability for services rendered.
  • Identification and addressing of potential liability risks by our experts in order to protect the interests of our clients in the best possible way.
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Secure data protection - Best advised in the digital age with GWT

Data privacy compliance is critical in today's digital world. Our specialists can help you meet the requirements of data protection laws and ensure the protection of personal data in your company. We offer practical solutions that are tailored to your specific research projects and help you comply with data protection regulations.

GWT - Your partner in contract management for secure research goals

Rely on GWT as your reliable partner in knowledge and technology transfer on the subject of contract management and legal advice. We offer customized, solution-oriented services and personal consulting to meet  the legal requirements of your research and study projects and to successfully achieve your business goals. Together we create a secure and successful future for industry partners in cooperation with experts from science.

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Effective contract management with GWT experts

Michaela Balakin

Project Administrator

Susann Rosky

Senior Project Administrator

Jana Ulber

Head of Industry Department

Sophie Wrobel

Project Administrator

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