Energetic renovation Prof. John Grunewald

Semper Opera Dresden

Renovation of the stage tower
The Semper Opera House in Dresden undergoes an energetic refurbishment of the stage tower. GWT and Prof. Grunewald are developing two design variants for the stage tower roof to reduce energy consumption in cooperation with the monument protection authority.

The Semper Opera in Dresden

One of the most beautiful theaters in the world rises radiantly above Theaterplatz on the Elbe River and forms the center of the historic Old Town.

The Semper Opera House is incomparable in Europe: it has a unique architecture, because the functional parts of the building are already visible from the outside. A first glance reveals the foyer, the staircases, the auditorium and the 40-meter-high stage tower. This construction method represented a novelty in theater building.

The State Company Saxon Real Estate and Construction Management (SIB), as the owner of the Semper Opera House, is responsible for all planning and construction projects at this building on behalf of the Saxon State Ministry of Finance. In the context of the energy refurbishment of the stage tower, the SIB commissioned GWT together with Prof. Grunewald from the Institute for Building Climatics at the TU Dresden to compare construction variants for the stage tower roof.

On all roofs of the opera house, the roof structure is from the 1980s with a correspondingly low level of thermal insulation and fire protection. In consultation with the authorities responsible for the preservation of historical monuments, two variants were developed which, with a slight enlargement of the roof structure, result in a significant reduction in energy consumption.

portait of Prof. Dr.-Ing. John Grunewald


Prof. John Grunewald

Head of Institute for Building Climatics
Professor for Building Physics
Technical University Dresden


Saxon Real Estate and Construction Management

Contact person:
Dr. Ulf Nickol
Branch Manager Dresden I



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