Innovation Center Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Hydrol. Björn Helm

Urban Hydrology

The Innovation Center for Urban Hydrology is concerned with urban drainage, taking into account the interactions between the sewer network, wastewater treatment plant and water bodies, as well as the material flow balancing of catchment areas.

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Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Hydrol. Björn Helm

Dresden University of Technology
Institute for Urban and Industrial Water Management
Chair of Urban Water Management
Urban Hydrology Research Group
Bergstraße 66
01069 Dresden

Short Vita

Professional stations:

  • Since 2014 Head of the Working Group on Urban Hydrology at the Chair of Urban Water Management at the Dresden University of Technology
  • 2009 Diploma degree on the topic: "Modeling of Water and Mass Transport Dynamics for an Irrigated Arid Site".
  • since 2008 research associate at the Institute of Urban and Industrial Water Management, Dresden University of Technology
  • 2008 Research Assistant at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza (Argentina)
  • 2007 Diploma degree on the topic: "Effects of possible changes in general conditions on urban water management planning".
  • 2005 Internship at the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris (France)
  • 2004 to 2009 studies of water management at the Technical University of Dresden
  • 2004 to 2005 Study abroad at the Universidad de Salamanca (Spain)
  • 2002 to 2007 studies of hydrology at the Technical University of Dresden

Research and development

  • Basic research on exchange processes between the sewer system and groundwater as well as the transport of sewer sediments
  • Fundamental research on the reduction of complex model structures in simulation
  • Application-oriented research on material flow balancing of catchment areas
  • Application-oriented research on integrated modeling of sewer network, wastewater treatment plant and water body
  • Application-oriented research on the adaptation of urban drainage to climatic and socio-economic developments
  • Application-oriented research on sewer network control and the technical optimization of sewer network operation (deposits, odor/corrosion, special structures)
  • Application-oriented research on system development for compliance with the Water Framework Directive


  • Producing statistical analyses of water quality data: Variability in space, time and events
  • integrated modeling and assessment of urban water management systems
  • model-based optimization and multi-objective evaluation of water management systems
  • Modeling of the water and material balance of small and medium-sized catchments
  • Integration of geoinformation in hydrological/water management tasks
  • Studies on wastewater drainage and stormwater management in urban areas
  • Investigations of the effects of anthropogenic influences and emissions on the quality of water bodies
  • Evaluation of the consequences of water management alternatives on urban space, environment and society.
  • water management system analyses on the scales of the single to the catchment area and the integrated consideration of the water cycle in the urban area.
  • Collection and evaluation of data on water quality and quantity on surfaces, in the sewer network and in water bodies (in campaigns and long-term measurements)
  • Preparation, analysis and interpretation of time series, geodata and water management characteristics
  • Balancing and transport modeling of water constituents, especially nutrients, particles and micropollutants
  • hydrodynamic and hydrological modeling of drainage systems, water bodies and catchment areas
  • Consulting and implementation of measurement campaigns (water quality and quantity)
  • technical optimization of sewer network operation (deposits, odor/corrosion, special structures)
  • Sewer network modeling (hydrological, hydrodynamic, foul-FREIGHT MODELING)
  • Optimization of rainfall-runoff models (parameters, model structure) mobile and modular measurement technology for applications in the wastewater system and flowing water, for campaign measurements and within the framework of the urban observatory

Reference projects

  • Operation and data evaluation measuring system Geberbach
  • ESI-CorA Stadtentwässerung Dresden
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