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Training Academy for Effectiveness and Efficiency in Healthcare

Berlin (Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus)

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Together with representatives from the scientific community, a curriculum has been developed that places greater emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency as the central link for communication and implementation among stakeholders in the healthcare sector, and allows health decisions to be more scientifically grounded.

Please note: This event will only be held in German. All presentations, discussions and documents will be presented/written in German.


In recent years, the German healthcare system has become increasingly competitive. Questions of effectiveness and efficiency have increasingly taken center stage. In 2008, renowned representatives of science, health insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry founded the "Academy for Effectiveness and Efficiency in Healthcare". The Academy for Effectiveness and Efficiency in Healthcare (FBA) is so far unique in Germany. We tackle the important issues facing the industry and devote ourselves specifically to effectiveness and efficiency in healthcare.
Against a backdrop of limited resources, stakeholders today face two major challenges:

  1. Our population is getting older and older. That is gratifying and also a credit to our medical care. But an older society brings with it special requirements to which we must adapt.
  2. Digitalization will increasingly affect the healthcare system - how do we tackle it?

Together with representatives of science, a curriculum was therefore developed that makes effectiveness and efficiency more the central link of communication and realization between the participants in the health care system and makes health care decisions more scientifically based. The project is being implemented by recognized experts from the TU Dresden, the University of Leipzig and the University of Hamburg.



Luisenstraße 58-59
10117 Berlin


The in-service training is aimed at managers and employees of statutory health insurance funds, associations of panel doctors, medical services of health insurance funds, pharmaceutical companies, physician networks and care centers.
Participation is possible on a part-time basis and is cost-compatible. The costs per participant per event/training day are 95,- €.
For participants of the basic course
, the participation fee is reduced to 50€ (incl. VAT) per event of the special training.

The FBA offers on the one hand standard courses, which conclude with a university certificate, and on the other hand follow-ups / special courses. The academy has been active since 2008 and numerous satisfied participants confirm our success.

There is a fee for participation in the courses. Please request your registration documents from:

Please note: This event will only be held in German. All presentations, discussions and documents will be presented/written in German.

For more information about the courses, please contact with:

Mr. Thomas Hoffmann
Project Management of Traning Academy


Phone: +49 151 547 54044


March 14, 2023
Public Health / Health Services Research


April 24, 2023
Medical Care – MVZ – DIGA – Hospital

June 20, 2023
Biometrics /Study Methodology

September 19, 2023
Medical Care – Pharmaceutical Innovations

Green Health Care – Hospital

November 15, 2023
Health Economics / Health Management


Prof. Dr. med. Dipl-Psych.
Joachim Kugler
has been Professor and Chair of Health Sciences/Public Health at the Medical Faculty "Carl Gustav Caurus" of the TU Dresden since 1999. He has already conducted research at Harvard University. The focus of his current research is health economics, health awareness and behavior, disease management in chronic disease.

Prof. Dr. med.
Hans-Helmut König, MPH
is Director of the Institute for Health Economics and Health Services Research at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf/Medical Faculty of the University of Hamburg. His focus is on health economics, health services research and health systems research.

Prof. Dr. rer. med.
Ingo Röder
is Director of the Institute for Medical Informatics and Biometry. Specifically, he holds the professorship for Medical Statistics and Biometry. Prof. Röder is a member of the DFG Research Center and Cluster of Excellence. His current research focuses on theoretical concepts of stem cell organization, application of mathematical models in the context of therapy optimization, statistical analysis of dynamic processes and structures.

Prof. Dr.
Michael Hartmann, MBA, MPH
studied pharmacy at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster and obtained his doctorate in Marburg. In Paderborn, he completed his training as a pharmacist specializing in clinical pharmacy. Since 1995 he has been director of the pharmacy of the University Hospital Jena. In 2002 he obtained an additional qualification as Master of Public Health and in 2004 as Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management. Since 2005 he holds the Venia legendi for Health Economics. Professor Hartmann is active, among other things, as a member of the Council of Europe's Expert Council on the Safety of Medicines. His main areas of expertise and research are health economics health evaluation.

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