Innovation Center Prof. Dr. med. habil. David Pittrow

Real World Evidence

Real World Evidence (RWE) studies report data from the general population in real-world practice.
Unlike clinical trials, which often have narrow, predefined patient eligibility criteria, RWE studies include unselected patients. Study types include clinical registries, observational studies, observational use studies, drug safety studies (PASS), and others.

One focus of the research is the population-based investigation of drug effects and risks in different patient groups. This involves describing the (un)desired effects of drugs by observing their distribution in the population and identifying influencing factors in the relationship between drug and effect.
The main purpose of analyzing RWE data is to better assess drug therapy in terms of efficacy and safety.

portait of Prof. Dr. med. habil. David Pittrow


Prof. Dr. med. habil. David Pittrow

3P Consulting
Höhenweg 13
82229 Seefeld

Short Vita

Professional background:

  • 2005 - today GWT-TUD
  • Member of the Steering Committee, Study Director / Principal Investor in the following studies (selection): EPOSS-OMERACT, DETECT, getABI, COMPERA, ReDuCTO, SIGNS, INSIGHTS-IPF, INSIGHTS-SVT, FIGARO, SENEQA, RAHPP, PERY-DYS, EXPLAIN-IRON, CORE CUVITRU, EXPERT, EXPOSURE, DePorED, INSIGHTS-ILD, INSIGHTS-GHT and others.
  • 2008 - 2012 Co-founder and Managing Director MBiotec GmbH, Seefeld
  • 2001 - today Founder and Managing Director of 3P Consulting, Seefeld

Scientific career:

  • Since 2010 Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, TU Dresden
  • 2005 - 2010 Private lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, TU Dresden      
  • 2004 Habilitation in experimental clinical pharmacology (Dr. med. habil.)
  • 1994 license to practice medicine (Bavarian Medical Association)

Research and development

  • Consulting and expertise for non-interventional studies.
  • Development of study designs in the field of observational studies and drug safety studies (PASS).
  • Development of observation plans
  • Creation of validated study databases according to high quality standards
  • Data management, statistical planning and evaluation
  • Medical Writing according to STROBE Statement
  • Preparation of publications and congress contributions


  • Pharmacoepidemiology and real-world evidence studies.
  • Project planning and management of NIS, registry studies, PASS, surveys.

Reference projects

Numerous projects have already been successfully implemented in the Pharmacoepidemiology Innovation Center.
Some of them can be viewed below.

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